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About Us


Daetec is a solution provider to some of the fastest growing technology companies in their market. We use our expertise in chemistry and engineering to design and develop unique material and process for our customers. Daetec collaborates to convert your imagination to reality. 

Daetec has worked with companies from all kinds of industries. Check out our customer successes and that is what Daetec is about. 


What we do

Need a solution for cleaning and surface etching? Handling thin and fragile parts and have challenges in temporary bonding? Need a new process to improve efficiency in manufacturing? 


Daetec has helped all kinds of companies; from start-ups to multi-nationals, suppliers to end-users. We can create a solution within a frame work that matches your business and financial needs. 

We provide Solutions for:

Our Facility
Solution Provider

Solution Provider

We specialize in creating solutions. We work with top companies in the world to help them improve material quality and optimize processes. We are passionate about providing uniquely tailored solutions to achieve higher yields and better results for our customers. 



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