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Successes in Temporary Bonding

Successes in Temporary Bonding

Wafer Bonding

Sapphire <100um Photonics
Polysilicon 4um (solar)

In 2000, Daetec’s earliest success was the creation of a temporary adhesive for handling thin and fragile wafers.  The invention converted an artistic practice to high volume production. Daetec helped create an infrastructure which now supports multiple processes that lead to the development of the most complex devices in the digital age. ​

Gensolve Products and Aqueous Photoresist Stripper

Before Photoresist Removal

After Photoresist Removal

Thick Photoresist Stripping
DFR Stripping
Negative PR Stripping

Daetec succeeded in designing and commercializing the most popular cleaning agent to clean and remove the most challenging photoresist. The invention allowed the growing wafer bumping business to become a highly robotic practice in the top global semiconductor companies.  Daetec continues to create a broad range of cleaning solutions for the most demanding processes.

Successes in Cleaning

Successes in Cleaning

Water-Soluble Coating & Adhesive

Washable Thermal Resistant Coatings
Laser and Plasma Processable Coatings

Daetec had successfully developed and created safe products that coat and adhere to various substrates. These materials are designed to be removed by water or aqueous-based cleaners to allow simple processing of electronics. An example will be temporary protective coating for laser and plasma processes. 

Successes in Creating

Environmentally safe materials

Water Washable Coating
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