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Temporary Bonding

The demand for higher functioning products at smaller dimensions creates challenges during manufacturing.  One solution involves the temporary bonding of thin and fragile substrates to carriers.  This approach allows safely support during processing with easy removal before packaging. One solution involves the use of carriers to safely support thin and fragile substrates. Daetec creates a wide array of solution for wafers, displays, and components. 


Flexible Displays
Thin substrates that peel
Transparent Films
Packaging heterogenous devices for higher functionality
Solar Cells
Solar substrates that are thin, flexible, and transparent
Porous Carriers
Porous Carriers For High Cleaning Fluid Diffusion
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The ability to provide a clean product is critical to success.  Daetec has created some of the highest performance and lowest cost solutions to remove challenging materials, such as thick photoresist and process residue. Most of our products are water-based and environmentally friendly. 

Dry Film PR Stripping
Cleaning of dry-film photoresist for shadow masking
Aviation Polysulfide Removal
Cleaning of polysulfide sealant used in fuel tanks
Thick PR Stripping
Photoresist cleaning during solder bumping
Eco-Friendly Products
Environmentally safe and low cost cleaning practices
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